Add a professional qualification diploma to your academic training curriculum

What a pleasure to come out of a training school (polytechnic, faculty, etc.) with a professional qualification in addition to your academic diploma! At DWA, we make this possible through a personalized training approach, mainly oriented on the technical side, to make you a specialist in the field from the first day of your employment.

Be certified...

The certification is the process of providing an individual (or an organization) with an official document attesting to a status or level of achievement. Within DWA, you will be able to prove that you have the knowledge, experience and skills to perform a specific job and the tasks in which they have been trained.

Startup business incubation service

Technology only makes sense when it leads to innovation and possibly business creation. Thanks to DWA, you can mark your existence through our startup incubation program for young students. The practical terms and conditions will be available from the launch of your first wave of incubation in early 2023.